Challenge to the Novel Spin Physics of Invisible Nano World


Date. 04/15/2013
The homepage was renewed.
Date. 12/16/2010
Open Advanced Research Facilities Initiative is started, New members joined our laboratory.

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@ We are doing researches on magnetism and electron spin physics of solids, mainly for the surfaces, ultra-thin films, and nano-structured materials, where the key words are gspinh and gnanoh. When materials become smaller or thinner, there appear novel magnetic and spin-related properties, because of the broken symmetry. In the experiments, we are using Spin-Polarized Scanning Electron Microscope (Spin SEM), Spin-Polarized Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM), Spin-Polarized Spectroscope, 4 Probe with SEM/STM, Physical Property Measurement System etc, which we developed or modified for our own use.