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J Material: Physics of Strongly Correlated Systems
Electronic Properties of Solids
Electronic Properties of Low-dimensional Conductors
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Condensed Matter Dynamics
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Field of Advanced Functional Materials and Physics(NIMS)
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Laboratories Position Supervisors Keywords
Statistical Physics Professor
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Koji Nemoto
Takafumi Kita
Koji Okuda
Satoru Hayami
  Statistical physics, non-equilibrium, non-linearity, random systems, complex networks, phase transition, self-organization, critical phenomena, scale-free structures, numerical simulation, superconductivity, superfluidity, Bose-Einstein condensation, condensed matter physics, magnetism, multiferroics, heavy fermion
Mathematical Physics Professor
Shoji Yamamoto
Jun Ohara
  Making full use of various―both analytical and numerical―quantum statistical methods, we explore novel quantum cooperative phenomena in low-dimensional electron systems. Understanding of phenomena must be our ultimate goal, but we often take furthermore interest in the mathematical and methodological ways we can accomplish this. We construct microscopic theories on a variety of physics such as spin liquid, nuclear magnetic resonance, inelastic neutron scattering, Raman scattering, optical conductivity, and photoinduced phase transition in geometric lattice magnets, transition metal complexes, and organic polymers. We sometimes enjoy theoretical formulation in itself and sometimes interpret observations in cooperation with experimentalists and chemist.
J-Material: Physics of strongly Correlated Systems Professor
Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Hiroshi Amitsuka
Masaki Takesada
Tatsuya Yanagisawa
Hiroyuki Hidaka
  J-material, superconductivity, magnetism, heavy fermion, quantum phase transition, magnetoelectric effects, very low temperature, high magnetic fields, high pressure, ultrasonic measurements, muSR, neutron scattering, RXS, ferroelectrics, multiferroics, electronic ferroelectricity, phase transition, photoinduced cooperative phenomena
Electronic Properties of Solids Professor
Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Migaku Oda
Hideo Matsuyama
Hiroyuki Yoshida
Tohru Kurosawa
  high-temperature cuprate superconductors, frustrated spin systems, surface & nano-structure magnetism, material research, scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy(STM/STS), spin-polarized STM
Electronic Properties of Low-dimensional Conductors Specially Appointed Professor
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Kazushige Nomura
Noriaki Matsunaga
Hiroyoshi Nobukane
  Low-dimensional organic conductors, scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS), nonlinear conductivity, symmetry of Cooper pairs, spin density waves (SDWs), chiral superconductivity, mesoscopic systems
Low Temperature Physics Professor
Assistant Professor
Atsushi Kawamoto
Yoshihiko Ihara
Syuhei Fukuoka
  NMR, strongly correlated electron systems, superconductivity, magnetism
Condensed Matter Dynamics Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Ryusuke Nozaki
Tomobumi Mishina
Sekika Yamamoto
  microscopic dynamics of condensed matters, dielectric and optical spectroscopy from 1microHz to 10 PHz, Raman scattering, femtosecond pumpprobe spectroscopy, terahertz timedomain spectroscopy, solids, complex liquids, hydrogen-bonding systems, semiconductors, nonlinear optical phenomena, biological materials
Nanostructure Physics
Akira Ishibashi
  Nano-structure devices, new photovoltaic devices, next-generation solar cells, chain unit system platforms

Associate Professor
Kenji Kondo
  Quantum field theory, many-body perturbation, spintronics devices, magnetism, electronic correlations, Dirac electron, topological insulator
Phase Transition
Specially Appointed Associate Proffesor
Yuhji Tsujimi
  Time domain light scattering, ferroelectrics, quantum ferroelectrics, glass transition, frequency domain light scattering, complex liquids, relaxor ferroelectrics
National Institute for Materials Science (Tsukuba-city)
Joint Graduate Program: Field of Advanced Functional Materials and Physics
〔Doctoral Program〕
Laboratories Position Supervisors Keywords
Condensed Matter Theory Visiting Professor
Hiroyuki Yamase
  Quantum many-body theory, superconductivity, magnetism, critical phenomena, electronic nematic liquids
Nanosystem Photonics Visiting Professor
Tadaaki Nagao
  Surface Physics, nanophotonics, energy conversion, nanomaterials
Solid State Physics in High Magnetic Field Visiting Professor
Yasutaka Imanaka
  Spectroscopy, high magnetic field, terahertz wave, Quantum Hall effect, Dirac fermion, topological insulator
Surface Quantum Phase Materials Laboratory (NIMS) Visiting Professor
Takeshi Uchihashi
  surface and interface, atomic layer, two-dimensional, quantum materials, superconductivity, topological state, ultrahigh vacuum, nanotechnology, scanning tunneling microscopy, electron transport
RIKEN (Wako-city)
Joint Graduate Program: Field of Muon Spin Resonance Material Science 〔Doctoral Program〕
Laboratories Position Supervisors Keywords
Muon Spin Resonance Visiting Professor
Isao Watanabe
  μSR material science at the RIKEN-RAL Muon Facility in the UK, experimental and theoretical studies on the magnestism, superconductivity, industiral applications, non-distructive element analysis, muon hyperfine interactions in metals, insuators and organic molecules, muon site and magnetic spin structural analysis by the density functional theory
Electron Spin Resonance Visiting Associate Professor
Yugo Oshima
  electron Spin Resonance (ESR) from X-band to millimeter and sub-millimeter waves, high magnetic field, strongly correlated materials, molecular magnets, molecular conductors, spin-liquid system, nano-carbon materials
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