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Phase Transition (RIES)

It is well known that the novel properties, which are hidden in the normal phase, suddenly appear near the phase transition points of some electric materials. It is quite valuable to utilize these properties in the field of electronic devises. If the dynamical mechanism of this sudden appearance can be understood on the atomic-vibrational level, we can show a roadmap for developing new electronic devices of high functionality. For this understanding, we have made full use of the spectroscopic (light scattering) equipments covering the wide time and frequency ranges.

Research Keywords

  • Time domain light scattering
  • Ferroelectrics
  • Quantum ferroelectrics
  • Glass transition
  • Frequency domain light scattering
  • Complex liquid
  • Relaxor ferroelectrics

Research Interest

Phase transitions of electronic materials

Research Theme

  1. Photo Erasable Memory Phenomenon in Bi4-xLaxTi3O12
  2. Space and time scaling in the quantum paraelectric state of SrTiO3.
  3. Antiferrodistortive soft mode in Bi4-xNdxTi3O12
  4. Dielectric-Loss Minimum in the supercooled liquids.

Research Activities

The physical origin of the novel properties that appear near the phase transition points of electronic materials is unveiled from the viewpoint of atomic-vibration by the time domain light scattering (impulsive stimulated light scattering by using femtosecond and picosecond pulse lasers) and the frequency domain light scattering (Brillouin, Raman, and Hyper Raman scattering). The materials we have studied are ferroelectrics, quantum-paraelectrics, rilaxor ferroelectrics, glasses, and complex liquids. The good stage is waiting for the students to perform actively their own plays, that is, research works.


Yuhji TSUJIMI Associate Professor

Organization Research Institute for Electronic Science

Division Department of Condensed Matter Physics



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