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Condensed Matter Theory II

Theory of quantum many-particle systems with broken symmetries

Research Keywords

  • Bose-Einstein condensation
  • superfluidity
  • quantum many-particle systems
  • superconductivity
  • spontaneous symmetry breaking
  • Nambu-Goldstone boson
  • Green’s function

Research Interest

condensed matter theory, statistical mechanics

Research Theme

superconductivity, Bose-Einstein condensation, magnetism

Research Activities

On the basis of many-body quantum field theory, we try to clarify phenomena characteristic of many-particle systems. For example, water composed of H2O molecules can exist in three different phases, i.e., water (liquid), ice (solid), and vapor (gas), which are remarkably different from each other. These phases are separated generally by phase transitions and broken symmetry, e.g., the one between water and ice. Many-particle systems obeying quantum mechanics exhibit a variety of distinct phases such as superconductivity without electrical resistance in some metals, Bose-Einstein condensation with superfluidity in atomic gases, and magnetism in metals and insulators. We are trying to elucidate these systems theoretically with a special focus on the interaction between particles.


Takafumi KITA  Associate Professor

Organization Departments of Physics, Faculty of Science

Division Department of Condensed Matter Physics


  • Kazumasa TSUTSUI (D1)
  • Hikaru UEKI (M2)
  • Takumi TAMURA (M2)
  • Keiya KIKUCHI (M1)
  • Ryosuke MATSUYAMA (M1)
  • Yuichi MASUTANI (B4)
  • Kazutaka TAKAHASHI (B4)



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