The International Symposium

on New Trends of Physics: Part2

(March 17 -18, 2003, Sapporo, Japan)


Location: Lecture room (room number 5-205, 5-206, 2nd Floor of Building No.5, see map), Division of Physics, Hokkaido University, Japan

Period: March 17-18, 2003

Official language: English

Fee for Symposium and Banquet: 5,000yen

Abstract deadline: March 3, 2003

Tentative Program (March 11)

Corresponding person: Secretary, Yuko Yanagi,

Tel.+81-11-706-3550 Fax. +81-11-706-4926


The International Symposium on the New Trends of Physics: Part2 will be held from March 17 to 18, 2003. The symposium is organized by the Division of Physics, Hokkaido University in Sapporo. The aim of the symposium is to increase the mutual communications of physicists representing various areas of basic and applied Physics. The symposium of Part 1 (20-24, January, 2003) was organized for the benefit of the Agreement of Academic Cooperation between the Ural Division, Russian Academy of Science, Russia, Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, Ukrainian Academy of Science, Ukraine and Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Science, Japan. A hundred participants discussed mutually and had mutual communications and fruitfully discussions in a variety of topics including condensed matter physics, nuclear particle physics, elementary particle theory, etc. In the Symposium of Part 2, particular subjects of recent development in astronomy physics and physics of strongly correlated matters will be discussed.

Supported by :

Division of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University, Sapporo,

(This symposium is supported in part by the fund of Graduate School of Science,

Hokkaido University)

Organizing Committee

Prof. K. Kumagai, Sapporo, Japan,

Prof. A. Habe, Sapporo, Japan,

Prof. H. Amitsuka, Sapporo, Japan,

Scientific program:

The scientific program covers selected topics in approximately 20 talks (40 minutes, including 10 min. discussion) and oral presentations (30 minutes, including 10 min. discussion). The official language of the Symposium is English. The tentative program of the symposium is involved in the attached file.

tentative program (March 11)


All participants are encouraged to submit an abstract. The abstract should be written in one page with a space of 2 cm of each side (up, down, left and right) margin for the A4 size (i.e., area of the text is 16cm x 24cm). The title, author names, affliction and abstract should be included. The title is written with bold type font with 14 point and others are by 12-point font. The text should be written with single column with 10-12 point of times new roman (or similar) font. Figures with a proper size and references are also included in the manuscript. The abstract is preferably submitted by attached documents of PDF, WORD or printable PostScript. file by e-mail.

Please remind that Deadline of submission for the abstract is March 3, 2003.

Manuscript submission for the Symposium booklet

The organizing committee will publish the symposium booklet. All participants are encouraged to submit a copy of (a white and black copy) of OHP sheets or PowerPoint file that will be used for the presentation.


There are several choices to get Sapporo. The most convenient way is to arrive at the Chitose (Sapporo) international airport. In this case, however, international air flights are limited (Only Korean airline or Cathay airline is available). Arriving at the Narita airport or at the Kansai airport will be a reasonable choice.

After Arriving at the Narita (Tokyo) international airport, and then,

(1) take a domestic flight at the Narita airport to Sapporo (1.5 hour), or

(2) move to the Haneda airport by limousine bus (110 minutes)

and to take a domestic flight at the Haneda airport to Sapporo.

Arriving at the Kansai (Osaka) international airport, and change to a domestic flight at the same airport to Sapporo.

At the Chitose (Sapporo) airport, the participants are recommended to take a JR railroad train for the Sapporo Station (40 minutes), and get a hotel by only 3 minutes of walking.

Registration and Accommodations

The organizing committee has reserved hotel rooms with reasonably reduced fee. Participants, who want to reserve a hotel room, should contact with your host scientist or with the organizing committee. Please inform us your checking-in and checking-out date by fax (+81-11-706-4926) or by e-mail as soon as possible. When the participant has already confirmed his/her schedule through his/her host scientist, please ignore this message.


The organizer cannot accept responsibility for accidents, lost of personal belongings and medical costs for injury and illness that might occur during stay in Japan. Delegates are encouraged to purchase travel insurance before leaving your home country.


Typical temperature in Sapporo in the middle of March is between 5 and -5 Celsius. Warm clothing is necessary.